Victor Sanabria

Designer & Creative Director

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Two interactions Victor Sanabria designed as the Creative Director for BetterPT.


I'm the Creative Director at BetterPT, connecting patients and physical therapy providers in a seamless experience.

A sticker from Victor Sanabria's Animated Donnie Stickerpack.

Donnie Stickerpack

I'm the creator of the Animated Donnie Stickerpack, that I hope you share with your friends.

An animated illustration Victor Sanabria created in 2017.


I make vector illustrations for interfaces, corporate videos and print.

A looping Knicks video Victor Sanabria designed in 2016.


I use motion graphics to tell stories, express ideas and demonstrate information visually.

An interface Victor Sanabria created in 2018.


I design intuitive interfaces, flows and user experiences.

A 3D subway scene Victor Sanabria created in Cinema4D.


I model, compose and animate in 3D and wonder how we can use VR and AR for good.

Victor Sanabria's book Inglés para viajar, published with Vaughan Systems in 2016.


I have written and illustrated travel guides and textbooks, including Inglés para viajar and Mission Accomplished.

A looping animation from one of Victor Sanabria's articles on Medium.


I write about my creative process, with a focus on motion graphics and product design.

A photograph of New York from Victor Sanabria's Instagram account.


I share my experiences and inspirations, most of which come from the streets of New York.