Victor Sanabria

Visual Designer & Design Director

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I'm a founding team member and the Design Director at BetterPT, expanding access to musculoskeletal healthcare services.

Product Design

I work closely with engineers to design products that are accessible, aesthetically pleasing, and add value to everyday life.

UX, UI, and Interaction Design

I use iterative UX and UI design to move from concepts and wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes, creating scalable, data-driven design systems that put users first.


I model, compose, and animate in 3D. I believe in the power of 3D design to broaden experiences beyond the screen and harness the power of VR and AR for good.

36 Days of Type

I have been a yearly participant in the 36 Days of Type Challenge since 2018. I use the initiative to explore typography and the expressive possibilities of our alphanumeric characters.

Illustration and Animation

I use vector illustration, 3D illustration, and motion graphics to tell stories, express ideas, and demonstrate information visually.


I have written and illustrated travel guides and textbooks, including Inglés para viajar and Mission Accomplished. I also write articles on Medium about my creative process, with a focus on motion graphics and product design.